Why Openbravo ERP makes sense?

Why Openbravo ERP makes sense?

APPROPRIATE , as an enterprise platform, it has the right balance of core features that are essential and is architected for quick custom build-outs and open integration with third party software and services.

An appropriate ERP Solution for your needs in terms of features?..

Appropriateness of the solution to your need. When the mainstream ERP packages are mighty expensive for your need, and you are looking for essential ERP functionality without the excesses, to help you manage the current situation you are in - explore Openbravo.

You still get most of the essential ERP Functions like on the fly generation of your Income statement and Balance Sheet and mandatory core functionality to keep good track on your Sales, Customers, Inventory, Production etc., Here , is a full list of Modules and features of Openbravo ERP.

A robust enterprise platform to add on to, extend & enhance over the years?..

An ERP is an essential investment, for at its core, it allows for improved productivity, control, and is a tool for effective execution. You cannot start with a base ERP like a proprietary local package and soon discover that you have outgrown its capabilities every 2 years. We suggest looking at Openbravo ERP more as an Enterprise Application Platform. It comes with a fully functional and rich set of core features required of an ERP that any small and medium sized business might need to operate with. More interestingly it comes with the extensibility and openness to integrate with third party software/services easily, and the ability to build custom features on top of it easily.

An ERP solution that places the control in your hands...

You've spent a ton of money implementing the ERP over a long period, and you still need to keep going back to your vendor for every fix and new feature you need to add to the tool. You realize you don?t own the code, and moreover every once in a few years, you need to upgrade at prohibitive costs to newer versions. With Openbravo ERP, this is not the case. You own the source code along with all features and custom functionality developed. You can build out your own in-house capabilities and team and take full control of your ERP whenever you are ready. That doesn?t mean that you don?t have annual costs. You do have user license costs every year, but this is priced attractively so as to enable larger volumes of users. The idea is that if priced right, a large number of users can use the ERP and the productivity and efficiency of such an investment is gained. With prohibitive user license costs with other ERPs, only power users are able to use the ERP and the full effect of productivity gain is limited to that extent.

Why Commercial Open Source ERP?

  • Rich in features
  • Mature, Stable and Supported
  • Lower license costs
  • No vendor lock-in
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