Windows Azure Platform

What is Azure?

Azure is Microsoft's Cloud computing offering to build and deploy applications on a pay-per-use basis. Azure is a comprehensive set of storage, computing and networking infrastructure services that reside in Microsoft's network of datacenters and provides a scalable infrastructure for consumers to run and host web based applications.

Azure provides the following Runtime Services:

  • Virtual Machine environment for processing and hosting web applications.
  • Storage system for files and structured contents.
  • Connectivity Services for integration with on-premise applications.
  • Relational database capabilities using SQL Azure.
  • Content delivery network.

Design Time Services:

  • NET SDK for building applications for Azure.
  • Visual Studio tools for packaging and deploying applications to Azure.
  • Eclipse Plug-in for building PHP and Ruby applications for Azure.
  • Simulation environment for testing Azure applications and storage locally.

Operations Services:

  • Web based console for managing azure accounts.
  • Web based console for managing and monitoring applications.

Azure supports the following:

  • Programming Language: .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby.
  • Standards & Protocols: SOAP,REST & XML.
  • Development IDE: Visual Studio & Eclipse.

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