The Need for an ERP

You know you need an ERP when your team is stretched beyond their means in meeting with your customer and business demands at the pace of growth you are seeing. You know in your mind that your team can operate a lot more efficiently and live without all those piling list of backlogs be it processing customer orders, vendor payments, service order renewals, inventory audits that need to be done but are not done yet. You'd love to free up your people to do what they do best, selling and taking care of customers rather than be bogged down by administrative tasks.

That's where an ERP for a SME can put some stability in the chaotic environment through its standard processes for regular operational tasks, automated storage of information, workflow, predefined reporting mechanisms and delivery of current state of the business through the financial statements.

Look at the ERP as an enterprise technology platform that starts you off on a baseline set of features and functionality that correctly reflect and portray the state of your business. From there, over a period of time, and matching to your business needs and growth, you add functionality that further enhances the overall platform bit by bit till this becomes a significant competitive edge for your service delivery. As you learn, your platform is built to adapt to business processes and will incorporate automation that will enable you to produce/serve more optimally, keep control on costs, measure performance at every critical stage, and portray information and provide insight into your business in real-time, reliably and from anywhere.

The ERP is a start and a mandatory investment for you to be on top of your game.

In urgent need of an ERP?

  • Are your employees overwhelmed, stretched to their limits in managing day-to-day operations?
  • Are you carrying more material than you need because you do not trust your inventory data?
  • Do you often feel that you do not really know the costs of your products?
  • Do you constantly look for information and wish you had a quick, dashboard view of your operational data?
  • Are you making do with home grown and cobbled together, disparate software systems?
YES, to any of the above, and you need to explore our Openbravo ERP Services seriously.
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