Openbravo ERP Platform Overview

Openbravo is the leading web based open source ERP company.

ERP to simplify managing your business, for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises:

  • Eliminate duplicate entry and unproductive record keeping
  • Centralize and maintain reliable data that you can access anytime easily
  • Automate all core operational processes to minimize errors and improve productivity and quality
  • Streamline company wide operations to do more with less
  • Collaborate across departments & geographies, enabling efficiencies at the organization level
  • Access information and processes in real time, empowering your people to perform
  • Improve decision making process and enhance strategy execution by getting access to real -time and reliable data on performance

Openbravo ERP helps deliver Business Value across the Enterprise:

Procurement Management Minimize your acquisition costs
Warehouse Management Minimize your acquisition costs
Production Management Streamline production and control costs
Sales Management & CRM Drive profitable customer interactions
Project & Services Improve project profitability
Business Intelligence Improve decision making and strategy execution
Financial Management & Accounting Achieve financial control and streamlined payment processing
Master Data Management Single master source for reliable data


Why an Integrated ERP System?

  • Process Integration by tightly linking functions performed by various departments
  • Process Standardization by minimizing or eliminating variability
  • Process Standardization by minimizing or eliminating variability
  • Process Institutionalization by simplifying adoption of common methods across business units
  • Process Automation and Visibility by automating repetitive activities and providing information needed to make decisions
  • Process Optimization by providing data necessary to achieve objectives such as cost reduction, throughput maximization and productivity improvement
  • Process differentiation by providing the ability to build proprietary logic which can be a source of competitive advantage
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